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Fly Away with Us

On your reservation date, you will meet your crew and ride to one of our local launch sites. The pilot and crew will lay out the equipment in preparation for inflation. You are welcome to participate if you like.

As the envelope is filled with cold air, the burner is lit to add heat and raise the balloon upright.  


When fully inflated, the pilot will board passengers and soon we will lift gently off the ground.


We usually go up to altitude of 1000' to 2000' to look around and feel the directional breezes so we can 'steer' toward the landing area.


The views are spectacular! You will see wildlife, wetlands and perspectives not visible anywhere else.


We sometimes fly closer to the ground, cruising just above the water or treetops, in unison with the winds that carry us.


After 45-60 minutes, the flight will end as the pilot selects an open area and is greeted by the chase crew.

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