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New for 2023...

Times are changing. Coastal Balloons has been flying strong for nearly 10 years. We survived COVID by slimming our operations to offer Exclusive flights, and this allowed us minimize contact while providing access to a great outdoor activity. 

Currently, we no longer accept reservations for regular commercial balloon tour flights.  Going forward, we will focus on flight training activities. With 43 years of experience, Mark Nelson can introduce you to the great sport of ballooning in a hands-on immersive experience, for only $149 per person. Additionally Mark, will help new or limited experience balloon pilots hone in their steering skills and gain confidence to land in more challenging environments. 

For those seeking a regular hot air balloon excursion tour, we recommend contacting one of these experienced pilots, depending on your location or timelines:

In Northern VA, Mark Miller: Star Balooning

In Southwest VA, and NC Triad, Rich Moormann: Aerizing Balloon Experience

In Southeast VA, Reed Basely: Island Balloons

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